What makes Zenon different?

Speed. Quality. Impact.

We’re founded and staffed by senior executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals with deep domain experience in financial services, fintech, and healthtech. So we know where AI-enabled automation will do the most for your operations—and how to get it done.


We are “resultants”

We focus on delivering improvement you can measure.
(We’ll even tie our compensation to it).


We start with a head start

Our experience base and our automation and model workflow libraries give us rapid traction and road-tested quality.

Winners of :

  • Netflix Prize (41,000 teams)
  • Kaggle Genentech (40 Master teams)
  • KDD CUP/dropout probability (821 teams)
  • Kaggle/insurance claims (5,169 teams)
  • Kaggle/home equity default (7,198 teams)

Global talent, world-class science

Our US, Europe, and India-based teams excel at designing and delivering AI-enabled automation leveraging algorithms developed by our prize-winning scientists.


We enhance, not disrupt, your operations

Our solutions use open source technologies, design thinking, and a “human + machine” approach to fit into your workflows and tech stack.

We partner with you

AI-enabled automation has to fit with your technology, your people’s behavior, and your existing processes. So, although we work hard, we listen even harder.

Compared to other firms I’ve worked with, Zenon has done a better job at engaging us early in the process. They fully respect our process and guidelines, too."

— Director, Collections Strategy, top credit card company

It’s not easy to find data scientists that also communicate well, like Zenon’s do.”

— Executive Director, investment firm

Zenon is ultra-responsive to changes and questions coming from the team…a great partner.”

— Senior Director, Data & Analytics, major credit card company

Zenon delivers measurable impact

Global credit card issuer

Automated early intervention solution uses our ML models to find at-risk accounts and recommend individualized best treatments.


10-15% lower credit losses

Major hospital system

Pre-authorization solution helps identify missing charges and is fully integrated into billing specialists’ workflow.


50-200 bps profit improvement

Large US bank

Our ‘Know Your Customer’ solution automates data extraction, aggregation, & quality control— with full workflow integration


40% faster cycle times

Zenon’s AI-enabled products solve key challenges in

marketing, spend management, and risk assessment


Evaluate the health of your suppliers and business customers with real-time proprietary scoring

Increase the ROI of your B2B marketing efforts with accurate, complete insights on 30MM+ US businesses


Use our AI-powered digital spend auditor to find powerful new ways to save

Zenon is the resource for AI-enabled automation we needed when we were operating executives. We couldn’t find it, so we built it ourselves.”

—Venkat Chary, co-founder, Zenon, and former Chief Data & Analytics Officer, American Express